Battle between dream and love

Author- Shreya Malik,

While reading the FB feeds and scrolling down, She read a post where a friend of a girl, has celebrated her 21st birthday by bringing 21 special gifts. She was mesmerized by this fact and thought whether she would be able to get such attention or not ever in her life.

Yes, it’s a story of Maya. Maya who was a successful fashion designer, graduated from one of the premium schools of India for Fashion and was being associated with one of the reputed firms of Fashion Industry. Her life was full of glamour, People, fun, parties, friends, BFF, name anything, and she had everything. And all these years she never felt for the need of any good companion in her life.

Why? Because she had made her life so busy that she can never think about it ever. Except in the nights when she was so much tired and wanted to talk to someone who could easily understand her story, except in weekends and except when she used to be watching romantic movies. It was all these time, when she really felt that she needs someone in her life.

But at the same time she had fear of having a companion. Fear that he will leave her all alone one day. As she was not that type of girl who used to play with the emotions of the person. Neither she wanted the other person should do the same to her. Breakups was the thing she never wanted to happen ever either in her life nor in any of her friend’s life.

To her, life came at that point, when she started getting so much attention from a guy who was just a door away in her apartment. Ojasv, who was working in a bank, was living in the same apartment society of Maya. He use to accompany her during her morning walks to grocery shopping. Slowly and gradually they became good friends. All of sudden, Maya realized that she is getting more attention than normal.

At first she was happy. Too happy, because there was someone who could listen to her talks, her laughs and everything. She found a great companion in him.Maya actually started liking Ojasv a lot. She knew that she needs, Ojasv type like person in her life. As being so busy in her life, Maya used to be very busy in her schedule. Sometimes were there when there was no time to talk to him. And even from Ojasv side’s too, this used to happen. With the help of mutual understanding, they used to be very normal on many other things too.

Then all of a sudden, Maya got a call from a fashion show which was going to be held in New York for around 4 weeks, which was about a month. She was damn happy about it. And called Ojasv immediately, to tell him that she got the best opportunity in her life. At that time, Ojasv didn’t picked up the call. To that, Maya thought, that may be he would be busy and won’t be able to pick her call.

That day, she went onto his apartment to celebrate her opportunity. She saw that his apartment was locked. To that, Maya again called him, his phone this time was switched off. She dropped a SMS to him that, whenever you will be back, give me a call asap and she went off back to her apartment.

The very next day, she took her flight for New York. Everything was smooth and fine. everything was perfect. She was the star at that fashion show. And everybody loved her designs. She even got a contract from a reputed international brand. But deep down, she was too worried about Ojasv. Ojasv neither called her back nor responded to her SMS. She was not sure, what to do next? Whether she should go back to India, and try finding Ojasv, or she should retain in New York and work with the International Brand, which was her dream to achieve.

In this battle, of Dream and Love, Maya chose her dream. Her dream to achieve something big in her life. Was she wrong? Is she really mean and selfish who actually dropped her idea of great companion with Ojasv? Or wasn’t it was Ojasv’s responsibility to tell her, where he was?

P.S.: There are some battles in our life which are just open ended. We feel that this decision is the best, but being in those shoes, the decision could be equally bad too. Sometimes you have to take some harsh decisions in life, which at the same time pinch you but at the other time soothes you!!!


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