Birsa Munda and The situation of tribal community in India

No one can forget the sacrifice of Birsa Munda ( Birsa Bhagwan)for India and its tribal community.

Birsa was born in Ulihatu village of Jharkhand.He emerged as a successful tribal leader and revolted against the British rule. Under his leadership, tribal movements changed into a momentum and several protests were staged against the British rule. The momentum indicated that the tribal were the real owners of the forest soil and demanded exclusion of British and middleman.

Birsa made a Gorilla army to fight against the British army and middleman for the forest soil and the welfare of his community. This army worked as a fuel in the revolution and forced the British government to make laws so that the land of the tribal community could not be taken easily.

On March 3, 1900, British arrested Birsa Munda with his Guierilaa army and sent them to  Ranchi jail where Birsa died on June 9, 1900, at the age of 25. British government showed that he died due to Cholera although he showed no symptom of the disease.

Honouring his revolutionary and sacrifice, Indian government named many institutes, colleges and places after him. But, what about the community for whom Birsa fought and sacrificed his life? Is government taking caring of the tribal community?

I have found some reports in the news about the tribal communities. You will get the
answer after reading this.

  • Around 18,000 forest dwellers mainly ‘Kondh community were displaced during the development of Indravati Dam in Kalahandi, Odisha.

  • About 11000 hectares of Virgin forest in southern Odisha e been affected with 97 villages.

  • In August an article published in The Wire highlighted the situation of ‘Adivasis’ struck by the bauxite mining and resulting large-scale deforestation and biodiversity loss, which has affected food security, caused drastic climate change and a decline in wildlife, and led to serious health issues like brittle bone infection and respiratory problems.

Urbanisation and development create more problem to the tribal community :

Due to urbanization and development projects, many tribal communities leave their land and move to other places. This migration creates many problems to them as they are not aware of the outside working environment. Due to lack of skills that are in demand for employment, they cannot earn for bread.

Government is not doing much for the community for whom Birsa sacrificed his life.Social media wishes on his birth anniversary and naming the institutes/colleges and places after him, are not enough to honor Birsa Bhagwan.

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