8 11, 2017

Things successful people will never tell

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Author- Tumelo Ramaru We all wanna be successful one day, and we all have certain dreams and perceptions. If you desire success, never rely on one source cause tables may turn and change direction. You have to fail (maybe get false advice) many times to succeed. Here are the things successful people will never tell [...]

7 11, 2017

Long Distance Relationship – “Cherish The Time Together”

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” We can’t be together but we will never be apart. No matter what life brings us, you are always in my heart.” In today’s world, we’re more likely to get into a long-term friendship than we ever have before. Whenever we think about the long-distance relationship, the first thought which probably comes to our [...]

2 11, 2017

Why your searched data comes in your social media ad page?

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Author- Shreya Malik, We all are actually questioned when we see the searched products on our social media page. Why does this happen? I have registered myself with some other id in shopping website and some other id on my social media page. But still, I get the ads related to those products which had [...]

2 11, 2017

Change is Necessity

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Author- Shreya Malik, While coming across people thoughts in a conference held recently, some people said, that why “Change” is important? Nobody wants to change because it's their comfort zone. Nobody wants to leave their comfort zone and go to other places where the person needs to start from scratch with no idea what is [...]