A letter to my long distance bestie

Author- Shreya Malik

Dear Friend,

Thank you for coming and being in my life!!! After so long journey, it proved, that friends are those family which you really choose for. I saw many ups and downs in our friendship, but it sustained despite such big turmoil.

You really proved to be on my side, not only in happiness but also in sorrow. Your lame jokes actually made me feel better in sadness. You were the only one who made me believe, that I can really do something in life and may achieve my dreams and goals. And if any person used to hurt me, he/she was the biggest enemy of yours.

I remember the day when we became friends. It was not eventually, but it happened automatically. The same level of craziness, laughs, and interests, made us closer to each other. You are the amalgamation of each and everything. The times when we actually sat together and had deep meaning talks, sharing the secrets, and all of a sudden cracking jokes and laughing till our stomach started aching. I remember the times when we actually fought like cats and dogs, and after few hours or days, by not sharing any Sorry, we actually got to meet each other and used to say, “Ho gaya? ya aur gussa rehna hai? Chl samosa Kha k a hair!”. As being a great critic, you actually made me correct as what is looking good on me and what not.Even I remember the time when I used to get sick. After getting scoldings like anything, you were the only one who took me to the Doctor, and actually cross-checked that I am taking medicine on time or not.

Now, we don’t meet regularly or daily. And it actually makes me feel jealous when you roam with some other bestie of yours. But on the other hand, when we actually talk on the phone, it never feels as if we haven’t met for so long. The talks, the charisma, and those memories are still there and would be cherished for lifelong.

My dear friend, Thank you, Thank you so much for being in my life. From enduring my tantrums to the songs we actually sang together. It’s a lifelong memory. And you are the part of MY STORY. All is what I can wish, this Friendship’s day, that Good God give you good will and health and wealth and also the strength to bear me for lifelong…..


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