Long Distance Relationship – “Cherish The Time Together”

” We can’t be together but we will never be apart. No matter what life brings us, you are always in my heart.”

In today’s world, we’re more likely to get into a long-term friendship than we ever have before.

Whenever we think about the long-distance relationship, the first thought which probably comes to our mind is long distance relationship between couples, isn’t it? I think you too must have thought this only. But in this blog, I’m sharing my views about other kinds that I don’t think a lot of people think about.

You may have guessed it right. I am talking about long-distance friendship. I’m sure that you all must have experienced it. Due to some reasons we get apart from our bestie and know how hard it can be but it’s definitely not impossible at least in today’s world. Long distance friendship, however, is not easy and need extra care, somewhat like extra cheeze (haha).

Here I am giving you some tips and tricks to make that unusual bond more strong…

How we can nurture our relationship?

1. Communication

Tips for Long Distance Relationship

Nowadays, with the power of the internet, our options for keeping up with others have been broadened. We can remain in touch with them through communication which is the key to every relationship. Just a text every day and having phone calls and nowadays very trending video calls and sharing your day at least once in a while is very important.

We can contact them anytime anywhere when we feel so using social networking. Sharing the fun of your whole day and hard things can make your friendship stronger.

We all have that friend with whom we share our whole day but due to some reasons we sometimes get too distracted with our own lives that we forget to ask or think what is going in their life. You may be miles away from them or even different things are happening in your lives you still need to be interested and involved in sharing with your friend as much as you can.

We should remember that we were together when the exciting days was there but also scary things are happening in other person life so you should be there which would definitely mean a lot to them and that’s what any relationship is about.

2. Don’t forget special dates.

Tips for long distance relationships

Birthdays, your friendsversary any day that is significant for them should be significant for you, too. These days can mean a lot to people and if you are making your friendship, a priority, then these days have to be a priority too..DO NOT FORGET TO CELEBRATE LIFE EVENTS. “Hum ek bar jeete h, ek bar marte h or jaan se pyare dost bhi ek hi bar bnate h”.

3. Enjoy Every Moment Together.

Although its really hard to catch up but plans can be made. You can cherish the time you have together. Put the phones down, turn the volume up, remember to be at the moment. You’ll be wondering where all the time went. The appreciation and unconditional love for each other will truly make the difference when long distance makes things different.

4. Plan, Plan, Plan

Tips for longs distance relationship

I know that your schedule is pretty hectic but actually setting a date and time and having a face time is something you need to do. Just having a hangout with her and planning in advance how you are going to seize the day, what fun things you want to do together which would eventually make your friendship stronger. Look when during planning it seems to be so amazing just think how amazing the actual hangout is going to be. JUST GO FOR IT…

I hope that this may help you learn some new ways to keep your friendship alive and well, even when you are long distance.





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