People do not switch their company, they switch their managers !

Author – Shreya Malik

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We often come across the phrase that: “One should work smart, rather than working hard”. Some people actually follow this and some don’t believe in this fact. Its okay, everyone has their own perspective. Being in the very competitive world with the huge rate of inflation, everyone needs and desires to survive in this Corporate World.

But sometimes, the work needs some level of seriousness and sincerity. I am glad, that still some of the people exist who actually follow this track. While some belief, let their work be done by someone else, credit to be undertaken by them and get huge appreciations. Now we think, that these people actually succeed (the other non-sincere people). Because they always have their shortcuts ready to achieve a particular objective.

For “Smarter People”, the only things matter, is themselves. During our school and college days, we used to come across the word called “Teamwork”. And we often see a big example in the form of sports where 11 people are playing to achieve one single goal. But I am afraid, such phrase of “Teamwork”, doesn’t exist for many people in the Corporate world. The only thing we do is the patchwork.

I still remember the day, when my NSD teacher said, if the play goes right, then credit would be given to you all. But if in case, the play goes wrong, then I would take the blame as I am your leader. I am afraid, the teachings which I got, in today’s world is totally opposite. Now, if things go right, the whole credit is being undertaken by the Leader, and if things go wrong, the whole blame game starts which actually lands up nowhere.

Being in the Corporate World is not that easy. It looks lucrative from outside. But it is hugely dark. And if I dig into the Managerial aspect, today’s date Managers often appraise their employees on the basis of hours spent at the office. Or may be, the person who is filling up the criteria of KPI(Key performance indicators). But they actually forget to evaluate them on the basis of work and deliveries done by them. And this is where the hard-working people get a big Failure. Because these people were busy in handling the project, making it be the success and may be working out-of-the-way to just to make this project a big Success.

I have even seen some of the employees in the Corporate world, who actually start their work by 5ó clock in the evening where the normal shifts are from 9 to 5. And yes, to complete the same, they stay at office for around 5 hours more. Now, if the same task takes about 6 hours of manpower, and if an average employee can complete the same in 9 to 5 shift, then why is it taking so long by the other “Smart worker”, to complete it by 10ó clock in the night? The day, when such questions shall start arising in the Leaders of the Corporate world, may be they would actually differentiate between these people.

Even if the Hard workers get appraised and get a promise from their managers, to get a mid-term promotion or a hike in salary, they actually start hoping for the same. And at the end, nothing comes into their plate. And this is where, the anger and aggression comes into the picture. Then, people start looking for another job and try to switch.

We know, this fact, that problems are everywhere. Sometimes, there are high days at the office, and sometimes there are low days at the office. But sometimes, somethings really bother you as being one of the most hard-working people. Why my credit of work, was taken by someone else? Why I got such ratings? Worked day and night, but my manager really didn’t bothered.

If you see the analytics and stats of switching, about 75% people actually say that they were not happy with things going on. But if we actually see the root cause, People don’t switch companies, people switch their managers. When things really don’t go their way, if they are not appraised, if they are ignored, then surely, they will try to switch from their current work-space.

Now the thing is, do good managers exists? And where do we find them? While things are cyclic in nature. If you are really a great one, then I bet you will get definitely a good manager above you. Or more than that, consequences may even lead you to be a good manager or become People’s Manager. In another study seen, those who actually being grilled by some non-justifiable managerial power, they actually tend to become good managers, so that their department members need not suffer the same.

Also, through my experience, Leadership quality is something which is inbuilt. It couldn’t be gained from one such specialization or doing post-graduation. Sometimes, even if you don’t hold a professional degree, then also you succeed. And we have many good examples around us, who are really good at that.

P.S: I agree, one should work smart, but also one should work hard too. Work smartly where some people try to steal your thought or idea and they are actually unsuccessful at that. Show your dedication towards work, because yes, that will surely lead you to success. And don’t lose the hope. Because if there is a will, there is away. Don’t follow shortcuts as those will lead to temporary success. But on the long run, they will leave you nowhere. Find your own way, and YES, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

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