Want to be a MILLIONAIRE – Be a BABA in INDIA

Author- Richi Bansal

Are We Shifting From Divinity To Godmanity? Do we really need an angel from heaven to tell us that god exists? yes, we need them that’s the reason our godmen and godwomen are swinking in wealth.

Baba’s are the living person with whom one can talk and relate too. This concept of godmen has an explosive boom in INDIA. We Indians trust god a lot even I do so but we are unable to have an interaction with him. We know “where there is a problem there lies a solution” and this gave rise to the concept of godmen as an intermediary between the god and his followers.

In order to describe baba in my way, they are the wolves, with their mouth dripping with blood for those who have faith in them.

We symbolize spirituality with light then why these so-called Godmen have secret places of darkness.

Want to be a millionaire- Be a BABA in India

When I worked on this issue a bit more I got to know that not even a single servant of god tell you that God does not exist rather they appreciate our faith towards that divine power because they know that this faith is the USP of their business.

If you read the biography of other millionaires you will find that most of them failed at the certain point of time and then recovered. Means it always have that sad part of stories but but but if you have a look at any baba’s biography the ratio of their followers just keeps on multiplying even without an advertising strategy. Lolzz…

In the recent past, most of the fraud baba’s are found guilty and they are behind the bars but if you talk to their devotees they will never say anything wrong about them. For instance – Asaram Bapu is behind the bars for the rape case but still, I do have his photo frame at my place because my grandmother does have some sort of connection which she dramatic like talking to god.

Want to be a millionaire - Be a BABA in India

In short, i can say that these godmen and godwomen literally made us slaves in the name of spirituality. By now we all know these people are not religious at all they are just playing with our emotional sentiments. They are like Hunters in the wild and all of us are their main target.

I was not able to find a single baba who is not fooling the person. Ok lets come to the main point. From where they get their earnings to maintain such a luxurious lifestyle. Coming by Audi and going back by Mercedes-Benz, traveling throughout the world without spending a penny, having lunch at Oberoi and dinner at Iniala Beach House, not everyone can afford it at least I can’t.

They usually show their simple sober way of living to devotees which we think the only God can have. That’s the reason we indulge ourself into charity and donations which is the main source of income for them. I don’t know why but our government also do provide some tax benefit to them.

I can also narrate spiritual lectures the only thing which is stopping me to be a millionaire is I don’t want to play with somebody’s emotions.

So, if you have the capability and necessary skills to trick others by your word of mouth then INDIA is waiting for you.

Don’t worry we will accept you anyway. If we can accept a criminal as our transmitter with god and a rapist as our life-motivator then you are just coming for a profit motive.

Come establish a brand name and live a luxurious life with all political support and don’t forget to say thanx to me later on after all I gave you the idea. hahaha…..

This was my way of thinking towards this ongoing and fruitful profession. Do let me know if you agree with me.




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